August 13, 2022

What Is The Average Salary For A Wedding Planner Or Event Planner?

Many tasks are performed by wedding and event planners. They all focus on ensuring that the event goes according to plan. They are often able to save the day if things go wrong at a wedding or conference.

Although most people think of event or wedding planners as those who plan and coordinate events, they also interact with vendors. Many wedding and event planner london work for companies and receive a salary.

event planner

Others, however, are independent contractors and may be paid a flat rate, an hourly, daily, or percentage of the event’s cost. Based on their skills, experience, and location, the amount of money that wedding and event planners make will vary.

What they do

Wedding and event planners are responsible not only for calming a bride in distress but also for ensuring that business conferences run on time. They are responsible for soliciting bids from vendors, setting the event’s scope, selecting venues, and coordinating the services. According to the Princeton Review, wedding planners work with a variety of contractors such as DJs, florists and limo service providers, photographers, videographers, and cake makers.

event planners

They may also be responsible to close contracts or review bills. They are responsible for every aspect of the event, from start to finish, no matter if they are running a two hour wedding or a week-long conference.

Education & Training

Employers are increasingly requiring that wedding and event planners have a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for employment. This is usually in a business discipline like marketing or hospitality management. Because the industry is flooded with more job responsibilities, this requirement has increased.


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